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                Language: Chinese line English

                Hydraulic Telescope Crane

                • Hydraulic Telescope Crane
                Hydraulic Telescope Crane

                Hydraulic Telescope Crane

                • Product No.: 0000003
                • Product Name: Hydraulic Telescope Crane
                • Specification:1~30Ton
                • Product Note:One or more telescopic booms
                • Product description: Hydraulic Telescope Crane
                • INQUIRY
                The design of this crane meets the relevant requirements of CCS Code for Lifting Equipment of Ships and Offshore Facilities (2007).
                The lifting, rotating, amplitude changing, telescopic and control parts of the crane are all driven by hydraulic pressure. Limiting device is set in the lifting action and interlocked with the telescopic action of the boom. The rotation angle is 360 degrees, and the amplitude changing angle is limited by the stroke of the cylinder.

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