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Before we begin our training, we must first find out WHAT we need to train.  As one of my mentors, Ron Wolforth says, “In order to get where we want to go, we must first know where we are right now.”  The first step in our training is to find out what constraints the pitcher has at the present moment.


Our training method has 5 parts to it.


First we conduct a head to toe physical analysis conducted by an Exercise Science college professor who specializes in athletic enhancement.  We are looking for physical constraints which are limiting this pitcher’s ability to perform at his highest level.


Next we take a video analysis of the pitching delivery.  Again, we are looking for movement constraints limiting the pitcher’s performance.  We understand that no two pitchers in the history of the game have ever thrown a ball exactly the same way.  We will not use a one size fits all method, we are looking for inefficiencies and movement constraints.


We will use a world class pitcher’s bootcamp workout to help the pitcher build a bigger motor.  In other words we are going to add speed, strength, flexibility, mobility and power to key areas of the body to increase velocity and strength in the pitcher to make him more powerful and athletic.


The fourth step is designing a program the pitcher can use to help eliminate the constraints found in the physical analysis and the video assessment.  We understand that this will need to be changed and improved as the athlete changes and develops.  Strengths and weaknesses will be gained and lost in certain areas as his body develops and we will tweak the program as necessary.


And finally, but just as importantly, our fifth step is our mental training.  We model our mental training after the program developed by Alan Jaeger.  Many coaches often say they want mentally tough players, but do they ever teach them HOW to be mentally tough?  We train the athlete in areas of visualization, focusing, blocking out distractions, positive self-talk, and overcoming adversity.


If you have the desire to attempt to eliminate your physical constraints, movement constraints, build a more powerful, athletic pitcher, and develop the mental skills to succeed at the next level…….YOU HAVE FOUND THE RIGHT PLACE TO TRAIN!!!!


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